Chewie Memorial


<3 Chewie <3

Chewie came to me from North Star Rescue in California, as part of another large hoarding situation. Zoe was kind enough to pick out the perfect "biter" for me, and drive him to Oregon along with two female mice. Chewie lived up to his name, but luckily was simply a scared boy who wanted to trust but didn't know how.

Chewie and Temple

Chewie spent the first part of his life residing with Temple, a gentle soul who helped teach him that people could be caring, and life could be fun. Temple graciously tolerated Chewie's slightly aggressive attempts at dominance, and Chewie began to let curiosity win him over.

Temple and Chewie had many wonderful months together, playing and eating too many treats. Chewie slowly began to trust me more, though he did manage to inflict a few bad bites from time to time. You could see that he was a gentle soul, just scared and in need of patience. And in return for that patience I could get the occasional pet in or some time with him on the bed.

Temple and Chewie
Temple and Chewie

Eventually, Temple's kidneys began to fail him and we spent the three months together nursing him along. Chewie provided immeasurable comfort to Temple during this time, and was very heartbroken when we had to let Temple pass. Although we had made great progress, Chewie simple didn't have the trust to allow me to comfort him without Temple.

And so the second chapter in Chewie's long life began - with two loving but very feisty girls who were a force to be reckoned with. Chewie tolerated them well, even when they bullied and nipped at the poor lad. He loved them dearly despite their shortcomings, and thrived with their new presence and energy.

Chewie and Trouble
Chewie and Tribble
Chewie Pizza
Tribble, Trouble and Chewie

Chewie endured a lot during his time here, and proved to be a remarkably resilient and loving boy. He nursed Temple through kidney failure, then nursed Tribble through the same while subsequently and miraculously pulling through a shattered pelvis and broken jaw. He learned to walk and climb again after that injury, and enjoyed his favorite foods despite his jaw injury. When he lost Touble to pneumonia, he tried his best to trust me even though he was alone. & he came *so close* to meeting his next companion Monster, but sadly took a sudden decline just two weeks before quarantine was finished. I think Monster would have been a perfect match for him, but I honestly could not have asked for any more than the tiny little miracles Chewie pulled off within his life.

Chewie Bedrest
Chewie Walks

... you were an absolutely amazing little soul, sweet Chewie, and one I wont soon forget. I'm so glad I took a chance on a "biter". It's so easy to overlook the tough cases, the old ones, the ones that we know may break our hearts - but you showed me the value in taking that risk. I'm glad I didn't walk away from the risk of taking sick, sweet Monster on - even if you didn't get the chance to meet him. I think you would have loved him, and I hope he proves to be as lovely an addition as you did.

Rest easy, dearest Chewie, and say his to Temple, Trouble and Tribble for me too. <3