Ferdinand's Memorial


<3 Ferdi <3

When you get right down to it, we're never prepared for the ending. Even with warning signs plastered all around us, the heart has a marvelous way of sugar coating the details. And so foolishly I sit here stunned by a reality I know too well, trying to remind myself that there are no happy endings... it's always about the story.

My sweet, gentle Ferdi was only with me a short while, but for 6 months he spent his days spoiled rotten and in the company of two wonderful friends. He was re-homed by someone who wanted to keep his brother but not him, and while I'll never understand their decision I will forever be grateful to have taken in such a loving, personable companion.

Ferdi Temple Bean

Naked Bean and Templeton took to him easily considering Ferdi was still intact, with only initial minor scuffles. Once roles were established the trio was a calm one, and seemingly very bonded with no one left out. Bean was getting older and more stationary, and Ferdi's excitement and energy gave Temple more security to trust and explore. Ferdi was also the stasher of the group, keeping his companions well stocked and well fed.

Temple Ferdi

Eventually Bean's body failed her, but Temple and Ferdi found comfort in one another. The two would almost always be found snuggling with one another and always shared meals together. They also battled respiratory issues together, though the flare ups would come and go.

Temple Ferdi

Sadly Ferdi's breathing issues became more frequent with little response to any medication. Finally heart issues were suspected but it was most likely too little, too late. Despite still eating some of his favorite treats, all of Ferdi's energy was being expended just to breathe. The vet confirmed a heart murmer and xrays revealed that his abdomal cavity was filled with fluid. It was not believed that Ferdi would get better with further treatment, and the heartbreaking decision was made.

And so, my dear Ferdi.... we began the end of your journey. We sat there with Temple and fed you two more peanut butter puffs. I told you how sorry I was and how absolutely wonderful you were, a sweet and gentle soul who was always so joyful to greet me. I watched as Temple gently slid his body under your head and allowed you to rest peacefully for your final moments. I can't remember all the words I said, but I remember so vividly you resting on Temple, teeth bruxing and eyes actually boggling. I remember thinking that if I had to let you go, I couldn't have asked for a more loving send off, and I thank Temple each day for what he gave you in those final moments, for the comfort he offered when you needed it most. I hope he ushered you out of this world with all the love he extended while you were here, and I hope Bean was there to meet you when you got to the other side.

Temple Ferdi