Lil' Boo's Memorial

Lil Boo

<3 Lil' Boo <3

My goofy, owl eyed, absolute love of a girl... words cannot begin to express the hole that you've managed to leave behind. Over the course of ten wonderful years you've given so much love and happiness to my mother, so much security and companionship to your "brother" Boo, and weaseled your way slowly into my heart from afar. You may have belonged to my mother and Boo Bear, but through the course of so many memories and antics you fondly became "mine" as well, and I will be thankful every day for what you have given me.

Lil Boo is another so called "California transplant". My mother had moved to Oregon, and after being suckered into one troublesome, rescued ball of joy she was bamboozled into yet another. Both kittens were strays found by my aunt in California about 6 months apart but Lil' Boo arrived with a severely bloated belly and in need of assitance. The poor dear was extremely backed up but a vet visit, some mineral oil and lots of tlc later and she went on to begin a new chapter in her life.

Boo Lil Boo

I would love to say that my mother saved Lil Boo, but as anyone who loves a pet can attest these beautiful souls almost assuredly save us instead. Boo Bear may have always lovingly been referred to as "my mother's favorite", but Lil Boo took the slow and scenic route to my mother's heart over the years. She went from being the goofy gal of the house to one of the most affectionate companions (though still goofy), and had an energy that was all her own. She helped ease my mother's heart during hard times, and she slowly won me over as well through the years when she began to claim me as her own. One day a switch simply flicked and I became "her lap", and very quickly I decided that Boo may have been my mothers, but Lil Boo could easily be "my girl". From that day forward she became eager to love on most any guest, and truly just "loved love".

Lil Boo Lap

Lil Boo was fortunate to also live long enough to meet Maya and Sherbert, two more rescues my mother opened her home and heart to. Though I don't believe they shared the same bond Lil Boo did with Boo, she welcomed both warmly and seemed happy to share her home with two more in need. Sadly, Lil Boo's heart wasn't strong enough for all the love it held, but she gave us 10 wonderful years that I wouldn't trade for the world. She had two people who loved her more than words can express, furry companions to share her days with and a safe and comfy place to call home. And while I would say she is one of the lucky ones, she truly gave us more than we could ever give in return. She was simply love, and we were so very fortunate to have had the chance to know her all these years.

Lil Boo

Rest easy Lil Boo, my goofiest of companions, and my ever insistent lap kitty. I hope your journey is filled with dandelions, and I hope someone has a big, comfy lap to share with you until we catch up again. Hugs and kisses from your momma, and extra scratches from me as well. <3

Lil Boo 2