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<3 Merle <3

For once, the words have truly failed me. I've put off writing this for so long, hoping to find the right way to say goodbye, and still I'm left at a loss. You were at the tail end of some very hard farewells and I just never expected you'd follow so closely behind. I thought I could save you, how I hoped I could save you, you were young and there was still so much light in your eyes. I could not have asked for more from you, and looking through old photos I'm certain that you had a happy life, even though I know Minca could be a right pain to you at times. She's got new misfits to keep her busy now, but I think she still misses you more.

My sweetest boy, though my heart tells me it's true, I still hope we did all that we could for you, and I hope we let you go at the right time. I wanted so very much to save you, so very much to give you more time, and I'm sorry that I didn't find a way. I hope you are free from the pain you had near the end, and I hope you have Bug and Gizmo and Munster by your side again. There are so many things I want to say to you all, but I just can't find the words to say goodbye this time. I miss you, and I'm ever so thankful I had the chance to know you, that you gave me time to love and comfort you at the very end, and I promise to catch up with you down the road. Rest easy, my sweet young man. I hope you finally have the chance to get to know Munster now - I was so very certain that you two were meant to be companions, both with such absolutely loving and mellow natures. Farewell my sweet man, with the most wonderful spock ears, white tummy, and a zest for all things tasty... You were never *anything* less than beautiful. <3

Merle, Gizmo and Bug




Gizmo, Bug and Merle


Bug, Merle and Gizmo


Bug and Merle


Merle, Minca and Munster


Merle, Minca and Munster