Mice Memorial

<3 Meeka, Sunshine, Monkey & Kozmo <3

You left me in a flash, and my heart wasn't ready. One night I had a cage full of wonderful, tiny and healthy mice, and the following day a virus took everyone away. I am shocked, stunned, and trying to process the loss, and I will keep reminding myself that there were so many good times that happened before this.

Meeka's memorial is late coming, but I guess there was a reason I hadn't been able to write hers yet. It's only fitting she would be included with her friends.

Sunshine was the first addition to this chapter in my story. He was a sweet, personable little mouse who had been offered up as snake food. He was supposed to be driven to a rescue in California as I was past my limit, but quickly weaseled his way into my heart. He was eager to run up my arms and hang out on my shoulder, and when Mari passed it left an opening for him to join Mojo.

While searching for another female companion for Mojo and Sunshine, I stumbled upon an ad for another mouse who ran in circles, again, offered as pet or snake food. I resigned to have two separate males and brought home the swirly little guy who reminded me so much of my first mouse Mari. Kozmo turned out to be much more swirly than Mari, but still otherwise healthy and active.

When Mojo passed, there was a brief period of attempting to house Sunshine & Kozmo (both neutered) together. Things would go smoothly for a time, and then the fighting would commence. It was decided that they would each have half of the large cage, and the search for two females began.

Which brought us to Meeka and Monkey, and a 7 hour roadtrip to bring home the lovely old ladies. These two turned out to be such a blessing, each happily residing with one of the males, and with Monkey happy to visit her sister in the other level from time to time. The foursome could interact through the bars, grooming noses and hanging out. And when Meeka passed first of respiratory troubles, Monkey happily moved between the cage levels twice daily so each boy had time with a companion.

They seemed to have a happy life, with a large cage, toys, wheels, hammocks and lots of treats. And while I probably spoiled them a little too much, there is no ounce of regret since they were so quickly taken from me. Out of nowhere, Sunshine, Monkey & Kozmo were hit with a virus that took all three in a day and a half. My only consolation is that it happened fast, and they were happy, loved and very well spoiled mice right up until that horrible day.

So now I have to believe that they are all together again. Free of the confines of cages and bodily ailments. Sunshine, who always wanted to run up my arms and out of the cage can now roam anywhere his heart desires. Monkey and Meeka are together again with their boys. & dearest Kozmo is finally able to run straight lines with his companions, without his dear body forcing him in constant circles. As good of a life as I was able to give them, I am certain they have so much more to do and enjoy where they are now, and I am certain they are together.

My dearest, tiniest souls... I'm sorry I couldn't give you more. I'm glad to have shared a tiny part in your story, and hope all four of you are running like the wind now. Rest easy, breathe easy, and I'll catch up with you down the road.