Minca's Memorial


<3 Minca <3

My wonderful Minca was helped across the bridge. We went from the devastating news of fibrosarcoma to a month of pudding, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cake and all other spoils. She entered my life as a rescue with me expecting to surrender her to a shelter in California, and I will forever be grateful to my dear Bug for leaving his place to her and giving us a year and a half together instead.

I love you, sweet girl. I would never have chosen one so beautiful for myself, so please tell Bug thanks from me for such an unexpected gift.


My sweet, feisty girl went through *many* intros and learned to love a lot of wonderful friends, though she took awhile to trust many of them:

Gizmo Minca and Merle

(Gizmo, Minca & Merle)


Munster, Merle and Minca

(Munster, Merle and Minca)


Bean, Pogo and Minca

(Naked Bean, Pogo and Minca's nose)


My sweet girl was relatively healthy during the time that we shared together. Unfortunately, a tumor revealed itself to be fibrosarcoma, a diagnosis which hit us hard and fast. The tumor was highly aggressive but my sweet girl was such a fighter and didn't let it slow her down. She allowed us one final month together and she was spoiled rotten until the end.