Temple Memorial

<3 Temple <3


Temple came to me as a very sweet boy who quickly fell in love with Naked Bean and Ferdi. He was a curious but shy boy who quickly learned to trust through his companions.

Temple spent his days eating, snuggling and playing with his companions, and when both passed he eagerly accepted Chewie into his world. Chewie was scared and slightly aggressive, but Temple was patient and the two formed a lasting bond. In the end, Temple repaid Bean and Ferdi's favor and taught that same trust to Chewie.

As Temple aged, his kidneys began to fail him.  He gave me 3 unexpected months and, despite the hard parts, enjoyed *many* treats and cuddles with Chewie every day. Though he had trouble even standing after some seizures, he still managed to climb up and down the double level FN until his final day - at over 2 years and 3 months old. Absolutely amazing. On his final night he refused to eat letting us know it was his time, and spent the night listening to music while either on my chest or next to Chewie.

I grew so absolutely attached to Temple and caring for his needs the final three months. These little ones put so much trust into you and Temple was no exception. He allowed me to sub-q fluids into him, spoon and finger feed him daily and give him lots of cuddles up until the end.

Say hi to Bean and Ferdi when you see them Temple, and tell them I'll catch up with you all down the road.

Temple Collage