Chunkin's Memorial


<3 Chunkin <3

"It's heartbreak to remember that you were not only mine, that you belonged to others before I ever spoke your name. And now I must let go and you must be free, your soul to re-unite with those who took this path before you."

By far one of my sweetest girls... so many possible regrets I carry wondering if I did right by you. Such tiny creatures in such fragile bodies. How many times we wish our furry kiddos could speak to us and tell us how to make the right call. I hope the companions you had along the way, the treats, the love and the spoils made it all worthwhile. You brightened every life you touched and I'm outstandingly sorry that I could not find a way to fix the OCD behaviour that took you too soon. I'm sorry for the treatments you endured. I can only hope they made you more comfortable and that the life you had because of them was worth it to you. I hope the time spent with Mari was precious enough to stick around for. He misses you dearly, it seems none of his girls can stick around long enough for him but you've each enhanced his life in so many ways.

My dearest Chunkin, I hope I didn't make the wrong call for you. I hope the time you had near the end was still worth it to you, and I hope dear Grumpkin was waiting on the other side to take you in when my hand let go.