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Website Renovations - Gearing Up To Re-Open

(February 26, 2016)

While the website has remained closed much longer than anticipated, things are finally moving forward with plans to re-open. You may notice many changes while things get tidied up and new items are listed, but the shop won't officially open until I've got more premade items sewn. Please keep an eye on my Facebook page or sign up for my Newsletter to be the first to know when the shop goes live.

Some key changes are being made to The Rat Stash:

* My focus is now on premade items only and will most likely remain so. With full time employment sewing wholesale orders, this will streamline personal orders for much faster turnaround and allow me more time with my own furry kiddos. For those looking to purchase custom items, shoot me an email and I will be happy to recommend some fantastic seamstresses.

* Since Critter/Ferret Nation Liners topped out the Wishlist requests, the shop will re-open with those as the primary focus. They will be available as "sets" only, which includes 1 pan and 1 shelf. Ramp Covers will also be available for individual sale.

* The shop will also primarily focus on Rat Stash Original Hammock Designs, also attempting to work in the order of most requested on the Wishlist.

* Prices will be increasing to reflect current shipping and material rates, as well as to cover all business costs. This has become a full time business, and I need to be able to cover taxes, health care, sick days, etc. Please remember that this is a one person business and a great deal of time and money goes into making sure every aspect of it runs efficiently.

As always, I want to thank so many wonderful customers for bearing with me on such a long wait. My furry kiddos thank you all, and I look forward to spoiling your kiddos rotten very soon.



Melissa & the Zoo Crew

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